Friday, May 26, 2017

Do you have this issue when using lottery systems?

My fellow lotto players,

If you are like me, you have probably invested a good deal of money in lottery prediction software and systems that proclaim being able to help you win more often.  You have seen the sites before, people holding checks for $10,000, $100,000, $1,000,000+.  It is an exciting thought... hitting the big one, how much different life would be, no more worries.  So, like me, you go ahead and buy the new lotto number generating book or lottery analysis software, check it out, and start trying out some of the lotto systems.

However, there is the problem with lotto software and systems...

With all of the lotto prediction software and lotto number generating systems and books, how do you know which ones to pick, which ones are better than others, is there a magic combination, should you wheel, use decade reduction, use a spread, hi-low, or do this that or the other thing... frustrating.  I am not saying these systems do not work, most lotteries have said people who pick their own numbers on average hit more jackpots than those who just use easy pick.

I was reading a testimonial on a site selling a lotto number picking software program (for over $500) that if they had played all 6,000-wheel combinations they would have hit the jackpot.  I guess spending $6,000 to hit $40,000,000+ would not be a bad return on the investment, but really... $6,000 worth of tickets.  I am not sure about your checkbook right now, but running out and spending $6,000 on a wheel is not something I feel like doing. 

Again, the problem surfaces...  If I would have only played 6,000 tickets... maybe, I could have played random sets out of the wheel and cut that in half.  The problem is we don't really know which combination of systems, or numbers generated yield the best result, it would take years of number analysis, string theory, and all kinds of other mathematical calculations that even Einstein would say is a waste of brain cells to figure out.

Enough is enough... 

The reason I designed this unique lottery software was to solve the problem, "what is the best combination of systems to play to yield the best chances of winning.”  In order to do this I had to do something no other software has done to this point.  You see most software does a good job of incorporating the many lotto number strategies; some of them will even hit the numbers after 6,000 tickets played.  This software is filled with those same lotto number systems

The main difference between this lotto software and all the other lotto number software out there is this... none of the lottery software or systems available that I have found can actually think.

Enter A.I. -- Artificial Intelligence and the AI Lotto System.   

I was reading a book that said, "AI involves the construction of machines that model how humans think, learn, or perceive; on the other hand, AI refers to developing machines that perform some activity as well as a person, or even as well as an expert at that activity" (History of Psychology, p. 410).  Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, according to my book since the early 1950's and there have been astonishing advancements since its birth.

This got me thinking...

If Artificial Intelligence can do things as well as an expert, then why not make it take all of these lotto systems and figure them out for me?  This is what you get with this software... an expert at figuring out what is the best combination of systems to play that will yield the best results!  

The cool thing about this expert is it never takes breaks, it can work on number systems at a level we could not even comprehend of doing, and it does it 24-7-365 without pause.  In addition, like a person, the more experiences the software has, the more historical and current data there is, the more lotteries it calculates, the smarter it will get. 

You see, this software actually takes all the lotto systems, runs a proprietary algorithm, and finds the optimum combinations of systems to play based on real lotto drawing data.  It then gives you the best combinations of numbers to play based on the data it has at that time whether you generate 1 ticket or 100 tickets.

Not your average fortune cookie

As you can see, you have stumbled on something unique here.  The combination of Artificial Intelligence and proven lottery systems is something I feel is going to create a lot of winners.   

For this reason, I have to limit the number of members that get access to this software because, having to split winnings with a bunch of people wouldn't be that fun, and in the case of the fortune cookie mishap , could bring a lot of attention from "officials".

What you get with your subscription to this Artificial Intelligence Lotto Software: 

1) Artificial Intelligence Algorithm designed to find the best combination of systems to play that would yield the best results! 

2) Seven day free trial to try out the AI Lotto System and get a feel for its easy to use interface.

3) Even though thousands of dollars have gone in to this lottery system, after your trial, you will have several low cost options to continue enjoying AI Lotto System.  I've been told to charge far more than I am.

4) Our data is human edited, by the administrators, and you!  The reason we did this is we did not want some automated script making a mistake and pulling off wrong data from a website.  If you look at some of the more popular lotto number services out there, you will see this very same problem, bad data.  We also made it possible for you to let us know in case you see data that is not accurate in our system.  Quality and accuracy of data is very important to us because we want you using 100% accurate and validated information.

5) You should probably know I also have a selfish motivation with this software, I want to hit a multi-million dollar jackpot ...  you to?  Then join me.

I am looking forward to seeing your winner's photo after you had a chance to let the AI Lotto System work for you!


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PS.  Here is a quick video showing you the sign up process and how to generate your first set of numbers.